Rules of Discipline

1.) Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress, and punctuality are required at all times.

2.) During working hours, order and silence are to be kept while around the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the School building is never allowed.

3.) Books, mobile, iPods, CDs/DVDs, newspaper and other periodicals must not be brought to the school without the previous sanction of the principal.

4.) The school is not responsible for books, money, clothes etc. lost. Students must look after their own things. It is not advisable for them to bring valuable articles to School.

5.) Any kind of damage done on the School premises is to be made good.

6.) Parents should see that their children attend the school and the school functions in the prescribed uniform. School uniform is provided by school.

7.) As regular attendance is an important element for successful work a previous written application for leave must invariably be handed-in and for serious reason. In case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances the student, on returning to school must have the reason of absence in the Communicator, certified by the parent/guardian countersigned by the Vice principal or Principal.

8.) Absence without leave is penalized with a fine or with any other form of punishment at the Principal’s discretion, and if a student is absent for 15 days without leave his/her name may be removed from the class rolls and the usual admission fee will be charged if he/she is re-admitted.

9.) No student may be absent from any examination or test except when prevented by reasons of health, in which case a medical certificate is required.

10.) Three examinations are held on the days indicated in the Calendar. Though the corrected answer booklets may under no circumstances be taken home, parents are welcome to look them over in the School on Open Days (Fourth Saturday of the month)

11.) Class work which consists of oral work, written work, project work previously prepared in the classroom and class tests will be taken into consideration for internal marks for the examination and promotion.